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DIY | Valentine creation with azaleas

Time to really spoil your partner. For Valentine’s Day, or just because. This piece of DIY looks difficult but is in fact super easy. Gather the materials, follow the instructions below and you can’t go wrong. And your partner? Well, you’ll have scored Brownie points with them. Materials Gather together a ball of coloured string, […]

DIY | Autumn on a platter

Bring the autumn inside your home with this naturally coloured DIY project. A beautiful arrangement that will make any dining or living room table welcoming. How to make this at home You will need the following materials: 3 small, red indoor azaleas (pot size 5 was used for this DIY project) slice of wood that […]

DIY | Eclectic splendour

An azalea fits into any interior, like that of a world traveller. This eclectic DIY can find its place in any bombastic interior. How do you make this at home? To make this yourself, you need the following items: A lilac or purple azalea (pot size 9 was used in this DIY) A jute bag […]

DIY | Back to nature

The urban jungle trend is present everywhere. This vintage DIY will inspire you to give the azalea in your living room a natural vibe. Because with plants in your home, the link with nature is never far away. How to make this at home You will need the following materials: White indoor azalea (pot size […]

DIY Stunning display for your Ghent azalea

Buying an azalea means adding a colourful, top-quality product to your home. Combined with an endless variation of pots, it can adapt to any interior. But what if we used a transparent, glass pot? And we let the soil, together with decorative moss and little pebbles provide an additional colourful decoration? The result is a […]

DIY - Mosbol met azalea

DIY | Hanging moss basket with azaleas

Hanging plants are hot. Did you know that it’s really easy to make hanging arrangements with azaleas as well? This DIY will not only add a warm atmosphere to your home, but also to someone else’s. That makes it an ideal gift. Materials Gather balls of different coloured string, a foam ball, potting soil, moss, […]