Azalea indica

How to recognize a real azalea

The first azalea was a plant with small flowers that only blossomed for a week. There were very little varieties. Fortunately, things have changed. Today, azaleas bloom for up to six weeks and there are more than 150 azalea varieties.

DIY open terrarium with the Ghent azalea

Terrariums. You increasingly see them popping up, both closed (with a lid) and open (without a lid). And that’s no surprise. They are an original and wonderful way to display your indoor plants. The glass highlights the colours of your plant even better. What’s more, a terrarium consists of layers, which adds an attractive visual […]

DIY | Valentine creation with azaleas

Time to really spoil your partner. For Valentine’s Day, or just because. This piece of DIY looks difficult but is in fact super easy. Gather the materials, follow the instructions below and you can’t go wrong. And your partner? Well, you’ll have scored Brownie points with them. Materials Gather together a ball of coloured string, […]

Pimp your desk with a Ghent azalea

Now that we’re pretty much all working from home, your home office deserves some attention. It’s the space where you spend numerous hours, that has to be both inspiring, motivating and calming. Does your desk need a make-over? The indoor azalea offers a solution. Use our tips to give your office a little more colour […]

Brighten up your Valentine Day’s table with a Ghent azalea

It might be a stay-at-home Valentine’s Day, but nothing’s stopping you from going all out on this romantic holiday. With a Ghent azalea and these tips to give your kitchen table an impressive makeover, you’re guaranteed to surprise your Other Half. Red, the colour of love Impossible to think of Valentine’s Day without the colour […]