Surprise your mum with a flowering plant

No better Mother’s Day gift than a flowering Ghent azalea. Stylish, lacy flowers in surprising colours will instantly brighten your (step) mum’s or mother in law’s day. And that’s what Mother’s Day is all about, isn’t it?  Until the end of May there is still a broad selection of colours and flowers. There are no […]

This is how to decorate a romantic table

Tips by interior designer Sophie Peelman. No idea where to start to surprise your loved one on Valentine’s Day? Make your home feel cosy and achieve that restaurant ambience at home: you’re set to score with a romantic table decoration. And a Ghent azalea is the perfect match on your Valentine’s Day table. In contrast […]

The Ghent azalea, a design object for the home

Flowers give off happy vibes. We love to brighten every room in the house with them, especially during the dark, winter days. And that happens to be when the Gent azalea is at its best. Packed with lacy flowers in the most unexpected colours. Fresh white, bright red, bubble-gum pink… all colours to put a […]

The Ghent azalea: the centrepiece of your Christmas table!

Styling by Studio-Stories The first Christmas trees are being decorated, the lamps lit and candles added. Many Belgians are already enjoying that cosy Christmas spirit at home. Are you still looking for inspiration for your Christmas decorations? We asked design lovers Katrien and An from Studio-Stories in Ghent to get creative with Ghent azaleas. They […]

The Ghent azalea in your home: florist Tom de Wilde offers tips

Indoor plants bring life to your home. Could yours use a touch of green? Then the Ghent azalea is the ideal plant to add to your collection. The sustainably grown plant has beautiful, double flowers. Tom de Wilde, florist and designer from Melle, is a fan of the Ghent azalea. He has tips to give […]

Brighten up your Valentine Day’s table with a Ghent azalea

Life is gradually returning to normal, when you can go out for a delicious dinner with your partner. But there’s nothing to stop you from going all out at home on this romantic day. With a Ghent azalea and these tips to give your kitchen table an impressive makeover, you’re guaranteed to surprise your Other […]

DIY | Valentine creation with azaleas

Time to really spoil your partner. For Valentine’s Day, or just because. This piece of DIY looks difficult but is in fact super easy. Gather the materials, follow the instructions below and you can’t go wrong. And your partner? Well, you’ll have scored Brownie points with them. Materials Gather together a ball of coloured string, […]

Colour your Christmas table with a Ghent azalea

Despite all the turmoil in the world, this past year has flown by in the blink of an eye. So it’s high time to look ahead to perhaps the best holiday of the year, Christmas. How we will celebrate it will perhaps change, but however big or small your party is, a beautifully set table […]

Herfsttafel met Gentse azalea

Autumn and winter table decoration with the Ghent azalea

Every year, autumn offers us an extravaganza of colours to admire not only outside but also inside. Get to work with these tips and create your own decorative showpiece for your table that will look stunning for weeks, naturally with the focus on the beautiful indoor azalea. Combine colours and heights During the autumn months, […]

DIY | Autumn on a platter

Bring the autumn inside your home with this naturally coloured DIY project. A beautiful arrangement that will make any dining or living room table welcoming. How to make this at home You will need the following materials: 3 small, red indoor azaleas (pot size 5 was used for this DIY project) slice of wood that […]