DIY | Back to nature

The urban jungle trend is present everywhere. This vintage DIY will inspire you to give the azalea in your living room a natural vibe. Because with plants in your home, the link with nature is never far away.

How to make this at home

You will need the following materials:

  • White indoor azalea (pot size 9 was used for this DIY)
  • Terracotta pot in the right size
  • A few branches of ivy
  • Superglue

Apply a bit of superglue to the front of the ivy leaves (that’s the darker green side) and stick them to the terracotta pot, overlapping them slightly. Work in layers and start at the bottom to achieve a shingled effect.

Let the glue dry for an hour and then place the azalea in the terracotta pot, with or without the plastic pot, it’s your choice. Do make sure you put a saucer under the terracotta pot to prevent your table from getting wet.

Follow our care tips to enjoy your indoor azalea for weeks to come.