DIY Stunning display for your Ghent azalea

Buying an azalea means adding a colourful, top-quality product to your home. Combined with an endless variation of pots, it can adapt to any interior. But what if we used a transparent, glass pot? And we let the soil, together with decorative moss and little pebbles provide an additional colourful decoration? The result is a flowering azalea with the vibe of an open terrarium. Original, isn’t it? And luckily, it’s not hard at all to make this stunning, creative display for your beautiful indoor azalea.

How to make this at home

You will need the following materials:

  • a small indoor azalea
  • a large glass vase, dish or bowl that will fit the entire root ball of your azalea
  • hydro grains (round pallets made of clay)
  • potting soil that is suitable for your indoor azalea
  • decorative moss
  • decorative pebbles in a colour that goes well with your azalea

Step 1: the basis

Clean your glass container with a little soap and dry it thoroughly. This will prevent bacteria forming in it. Fill the bottom of your container with the hydro grains, about two to three centimetres deep, to create sufficient drainage. As a result, when you water your azalea, the water will not all remain in the soil. Add a layer of potting soil on top of the hydro grains. This should be quite a bit more than the hydro grains.

Step 2: place your Ghent azalea

Remove the Ghent azalea from its plastic pot. Using a trowel, make a hole in the middle of your potting soil that is big enough for the entire root ball. Remove any soil around the roots to make it easier to work the root ball into the potting soil. It is important that the entire root ball is in the soil. That way your plant can drink enough. Continue to fill your glass container with potting soil around the roots until they are completely covered.

Step 3: the finish

Cover the top of the potting soil with the decorative moss and pebbles to create a pretty finishing layer. Be creative. The moss will furthermore help retain moisture. Place your creation in a cool place in (indirect) sunlight. It is important to regularly water your indoor azalea, since this open display provides a slightly drier environment. You can read more about it on the page with care tips.