DIY - Mosbol met azalea

DIY | Hanging moss basket with azaleas

Hanging plants are hot. Did you know that it’s really easy to make hanging arrangements with azaleas as well? This DIY will not only add a warm atmosphere to your home, but also to someone else’s. That makes it an ideal gift.

DIY - Mosbol met azalea
DIY – Hanging moss basket with azaleas


Gather balls of different coloured string, a foam ball, potting soil, moss, a box of wire staples, sticky tape (if your ball consists of two halves), scissors and your favourite azalea plants.

Tip: choose the pot size in function of the size of your foam ball. In the clip we use pot size 9.

Benodigdheden voor een mosbol met azalea
What you need to make a moss hanging basket of azaleas


1. Cut the foam ball open just under half way so that your azaleas can fit in snugly.

2. Attach the moss to the foam ball using wire staples. Push them into the ball.

3. Fill the ball with potting soil, remove the azaleas from their pots and place them in the soil. Just as if you were planting them in a flower box.

4. Make a bundle of the string and fold it in two. Make a sturdy knot in the ends of the string so that you can attach it to a hook.

5. Place the foam ball in the middle of the string and arrange all the strings so that the ball hangs easily in them.

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