Azalea care made easy

The Ghent azalea does not require much care. They are easy indoor plants that blossom for weeks with minimal care. Follow our tips and learn how to care for azaleas.

Choose a spot at room temperature (15 to 22°C)

Put your plant in a cool place in (indirect) sunlight

Immerse the pot in a bucket of water twice a week: do not leave any water in the dish under the pot

What should you look out for in the shops?

Choose an azalea with uniform candle-shaped buds. You should already be able to see the colour of the blossoms. It’s better to avoid plants whose buds have not yet opened. Curling leaves are not a good sign. The leaves should be more or less horizontal. 

You will find azaleas in the shops from August to May.

How to choose the best location?

Azaleas are not picky with their location. They like being exposed to sunlight, but keep them out of direct sun. An indoor azalea does best at cool temperatures, which helps the blooms last longer. Azaleas are not discouraged by central heating or air conditioning, but it’s never a good idea to put plants right next to heaters. 

How much water does an azalea need?

Don’t give them too much water, nor too little. Whatever you do, don’t let them dry out. Water the Ghent immediately when it feels dry to the touch. Give more water when in bloom. Watering azaleas is sufficient but they also enjoy being dunked in a bucket of water, pot and all. Pull the Ghent azalea out when the bubbles stop and let it drain.  

Does it need fertilizer?

Azaleas are not very susceptible to disease, so dressing is not necessary. 

Taking cuttings yourself 

Reproducing plants is a difficult task that’s best left to professionals. Nurserymen obtain flowering plants by creating the perfect conditions of light, temperature and plant nutrients. This requires a lot of experience and expertise as every variety has its own requirements. 

Can azaleas rebloom?

Getting azaleas to rebloom is possible but it’s not easy. If you’re up for the challenge, make sure to remove the wilted blooms. Relocate the Ghent azalea to a cooler location with plenty of (sun)light. Water the plants on a regular basis to keep them from wilting.

After the bloom, but never during, azaleas could use some fertilizer. When the weather warms, around the 15th of May, plant de azalea, pot and all, in your outdoor garden. Give plenty of water during the month of May. Take the plant back inside when temperatures are at risk of dropping below zero (usually around October). Relocate to a cool and well lit location.