DIY | Autumn on a platter

Bring the autumn inside your home with this naturally coloured DIY project. A beautiful arrangement that will make any dining or living room table welcoming.

How to make this at home

You will need the following materials:

  • 3 small, red indoor azaleas (pot size 5 was used for this DIY project)
  • slice of wood that the 3 azaleas will fit on nicely
  • moss in various different autumnal colours
  • about 15 greening pins, can be found at the DIY store
  • plastic film
  • 3 to 4 elastic bands
  • wooden twigs, can be found at the DIY store
  • glue gun

Wrap plastic film around each azalea pot and attach it with an elastic band. Cut the excess film off just above the edge of the pot. This will allow you to water the azaleas for a long time without the wood getting wet.

Cover the pots with the moss. Use the pins to attach it to the pots. Create lovely colour variations on each pot.

Stick the pots to the wooden base with your glue gun. Tip: arrange the pots on your wooden base before you start gluing.

Thread the twigs nonchalantly through the plants to achieve a bombastic effect.