The Ghent azalea: the centrepiece of your Christmas table!

Styling by Studio-Stories

The first Christmas trees are being decorated, the lamps lit and candles added. Many Belgians are already enjoying that cosy Christmas spirit at home. Are you still looking for inspiration for your Christmas decorations? We asked design lovers Katrien and An from Studio-Stories in Ghent to get creative with Ghent azaleas. They opted for traditional Christmas red, as well as fresh white, and styled them as the centrepiece of our Christmas table. 

Did you know that the Ghent azalea flowers for a good 6 weeks? The indoor plant will not only brighten your home now, it will still be stunning on the table during your Christmas dinner! 

Luntera, Jimmy, Nordlicht, Inka, Inga, Madame Troch, Heulsten or Terra Nova …  bet that one of the many varieties of Ghent azalea will be perfect on your festive table? Studio-Stories is happy to offer inspiration with 2 very different, fabulous ways to achieve that festive spirit.

Did you know that the Ghent azalea not only looks beautiful in a flowerpot but is also a stunning way to complete your table decorations?

Warm Christmas green

Opt for a warm vibe with lots of candles, dark green, a touch of gold and finish off your plates with a beautiful Ghent azalea. The flower is guaranteed to bring a smile to your guests’ faces.

White minimalism

Want a lighter, minimalist look? Then go for an all-white table and complete it with a wonderful, eye-catching, red Ghent azalea. An elegant and modern twist for your Christmas decorations. 

Your indoor azalea will not only add that extra touch to your table decorations, afterwards you will still be able to enjoy it so much. One thing’s for certain, the Ghent azalea will help you create wonderful memories of a cosy and enjoyable end to the year.

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