DIY | Eclectic splendour

An azalea fits into any interior, like that of a world traveller. This eclectic DIY can find its place in any bombastic interior.

How do you make this at home?

To make this yourself, you need the following items:

  • A lilac or purple azalea (pot size 9 was used in this DIY)
  • A jute bag in the right size
  • Small straps
  • Wooden rings in light brown and purple (you can find them in a DIY shop)

Bundle all the wooden rings and tie them together with the straps. Give your creation a round shape. Leave a few wooden rings. Cut the ends of all the straps short.

Place the azalea in the jute bag and place it on your creation. Take the remaining wooden rings and stick them through the protruding branches of the azalea.