DIY | Valentine creation with azaleas

Time to really spoil your partner. For Valentine’s Day, or just because. This piece of DIY looks difficult but is in fact super easy. Gather the materials, follow the instructions below and you can’t go wrong. And your partner? Well, you’ll have scored Brownie points with them.

DIY | Valentine creation with azaleas


Gather together a ball of coloured string, dry straw, a roll of plastic film, metal wire, sticky tape, a pair of scissors, cutters and three, small, pink azaleas.

We used pot size 9 in the film for the azaleas.

Materials needed for the Valentine creation


  1. Cluster the three azaleas together using the plastic film and sticky tape. Trim the plastic film all the way around at the top of the soil (the film will hold the water in when you water your creation, discover the care tips).
  2. Take bits of straw and bind wire around them along their entire length, creating a firm tuft that gets narrower towards the tip. Make around 15 firm tufts about 30cm long.
  3. Bind the tufts around the cluster of azaleas using the wire. Make sure the narrow tips point upwards.
  4. Thanks to the wire bound around each tuft, you can bend them into any position you want. Be creative.
  5. Bind it all together at the bottom using the coloured string so that everything remains firmly in place.

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