The Ghent azalea, a design object for the home

Flowers give off happy vibes. We love to brighten every room in the house with them, especially during the dark, winter days. And that happens to be when the Gent azalea is at its best. Packed with lacy flowers in the most unexpected colours. Fresh white, bright red, bubble-gum pink… all colours to put a smile on your face. Not only are there (almost) endless varieties, the styling options are also limitless. Want to really shake things up this winter? And commit to adding colour to your home? We’ll give you a few tips to give your home a harmonious boost with Ghent azaleas.

Love an eclectic style?

Choose a contrasting flowerpot and play with the shape.

An all-white table setting for a bright and minimalist look

The Ghent azalea is the perfect centrepiece for any (festive) table.

Opt for tone on tone to add warmth and calm to your home

Choose a matching flowerpot for your Ghent azalea to achieve pure elegance.

Did you know that this Belgian indoor plant is cultivated in an environmentally friendly way (in the province of East Flanders)? And that it flourishes at around 19 to 20 degrees? The Ghent azalea is the plant for any household that wants to really highlight their home and turn the heating down a bit this winter.

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