Azalea indica

How to recognize a real azalea

The first azalea was a plant with small flowers that only blossomed for a week. There were very little varieties. Fortunately, things have changed. Today, azaleas bloom for up to six weeks and there are more than 150 azalea varieties.  

Plenty of azalea varieties 

As a result of decades of refinement, nurserymen have succeeded in introducing numerous improvements. Today’s azaleas have fine, well-filled flowers that blossom for up to 6 weeks, and there are more than 150 varieties. We make a distinction between commercial varieties, which you can find at most sales outlets, and collector’s items, which are rarer. 

Azalea indica 'Hellmut Vogel'
Azalea indica ‘Hellmut Vogel’

Indoor v. outdoor azaleas 

There is a big difference between indoor azaleas (Azalea Indica) and outdoor azaleas (Azalea Japonica). Outdoor azaleas are bush-shaped and are planted in the garden. In summer you could also put an indoor azalea in a flower-box. But beware, these flowers can’t survive frost. 

Azalea indica
Azalea indica or indoor azalea
Azalea japonica
Azalea japonica or outdoor azalea

Single-flowered azalea varieties vs. double-flowered

Azaleas are divided into categories. Single-flowered azaleas are a great choice if you prefer something simple. If you like a striking plant, you’ll definitely like the double-flowered azalea varieties.

A distinction is also made by colour. You’ll find azaleas in a broad range of shades. From white to pink and red to purple. And there are even some multicoloured varieties, including a fine pink flower with a white border. Stunning! 

Special shapes 

And that’s not all. The knowhow of Ghent’s azalea growers has also resulted in a broad range of shapes and sizes. In addition to the medium-sized azalea, there are also many other possible choices: small baby azaleas, the slightly larger miniature azalea, stem azaleas, spherical azaleas and pyramid azaleas. Plenty of azalea varieties to choose from!