Herfsttafel met Gentse azalea

Autumn and winter table decoration with the Ghent azalea

Every year, autumn offers us an extravaganza of colours to admire not only outside but also inside. Get to work with these tips and create your own decorative showpiece for your table that will look stunning for weeks, naturally with the focus on the beautiful indoor azalea.

Herfsttafel met Gentse azalea

Combine colours and heights

During the autumn months, decoration is above all characterised by warm, earth tones, but when choosing your Ghent azalea don’t be afraid to opt for a brighter colour. Indoor azaleas come in an enormous variety of shades of pink for example. This might be an unexpected colour during the colder months, but it goes beautifully with the natural tones that we associate with autumn.

The table centrepiece doesn’t have to be big, but play with colour by combining various azaleas whose colours work well together. Use different pot sizes to create differences in height. In this way the eye is drawn through the centrepiece as it were and both the different colours and heights are visually interesting. Use flower pots that coordinate with earth tones (red, brown, yellow, orange, green) to easily incorporate the indoor azalea into the larger table decoration.

Bring autumn’s finest nature indoors

In addition to the striking colours of your indoor azalea, you can add elements from nature to your centrepiece. Buy some decorative apples, pumpkins or pinecones at your local plant dealer or take a walk through the park or woods to collect some lovely natural elements. You could use some of the following to accompany the indoor azaleas on your table: dried red, orange or brown leaves, pinecones, acorns, wooden twigs, but also yellow (wall)nuts, chestnut husks or twigs with red berries.

Bring it all together with the right accessories

A good substrate and base will help you bring all the elements together. Use some fake fur or a table runner to create contrasting colours and textures. Choose a decorative dish to bring the elements of your centrepiece together, but not everything has to be in the dish. Give your table a more organic feel by placing a number of accessories around the dish. Finish it off with candles in autumnal colours. This will create a decoration that will be stunning for a long time (don’t forget to check out the maintenance tips for your indoor azalea) and will immediately add a cosy touch to your table and by extension to your room.