Colour your Christmas table with a Ghent azalea

Despite all the turmoil in the world, this past year has flown by in the blink of an eye. So it’s high time to look ahead to perhaps the best holiday of the year, Christmas. How we will celebrate it will perhaps change, but however big or small your party is, a beautifully set table is always a pleasure. Contrary to what is often thought, you do not have to spend a lot of money to create a festive setting. Incorporate these tips into your preparations and the end result will be stunning.

Give objects a second life

Rediscover what you already have

Before you set off for the shops for a load of new plates, cutlery and decorations, first take a look at what you already have. Get everything out and see whether you can come up with new combinations. Mix and match is all the rage. Look at which plates, glasses and cutlery work well together. Another advantage is that you don’t have to own lots of everything to still set the table for a large group.

The same, but different

Try using existing items differently. For example, fold a tablecloth differently, so that it can be used as a wide table runner or create an organic table runner by draping it over the middle of your table. That will form the perfect, attractive basis for the rest of your decorations. Instead of hanging fairy lights in your tree, lay them on your table. A few baubles will complete the look.

Buy sustainable items

Still want to look for a few new items? Then try browsing second-hand shops or enquire whether friends, family or neighbours want to exchange tableware for the Christmas period. That way, you will both have something new without a major outlay. Prefer to invest in something new? Then opt for materials in neutral colours, from white to beige, shades of brown or black without wild patterns. That way you can combine endlessly when styling.

A neutral colour pallet with a pop of colour thanks to the Ghent azalea

With a neutral basis it is easy to come up with different colour combinations. Give your table a pop of colour by incorporating a Ghent azalea into your centrepiece. Use indoor azaleas of different colours and pot sizes to determine the colour tones (for example pink and red) and create the rest of your setting around them.

Take the colours of your indoor azaleas as a leitmotiv for adding a few extra touches to the styling of your table. For example, use napkins in a matching colour, opt for some coloured table confetti and some striking (glitter) candles. Don’t forget to select a festive flowerpot to turn your Ghent azalea into the centrepiece of the table. For example, if you opt for a pink indoor azalea, purple, dark red and pink accents supplemented by touches of gold will create a wonderful style.

Your indoor azalea will not only provide festive colour for your holiday table, you can continue to enjoy it for a long time afterwards thanks to its very long flowering period. Your plant will not only offer beautiful flowers in your home, but also evoke lots of wonderful memories of the happy, cosy holidays.