This is how to decorate a romantic table

Tips by interior designer Sophie Peelman.

No idea where to start to surprise your loved one on Valentine’s Day? Make your home feel cosy and achieve that restaurant ambience at home: you’re set to score with a romantic table decoration. And a Ghent azalea is the perfect match on your Valentine’s Day table. In contrast to a bouquet, flowers in a pot will last much longer. And the plant requires very little care. Your Valentine’s Day gift will continue to shine in your interior for weeks to come.

Something for everyone

The tips and tricks of Antwerp interior designer, Sophie Peelman, will help you simply turn your table into a romantic setting. “I think the Ghent azalea is a beautiful plant. It has multiple small flowers. And there are so many colours to choose from, that you’re sure to find one that fits your interior. The Ghent azalea gives me old-school vibes, but it also makes me think of the south of France. That’s why it fits well in a romantic setting.”

A romantic table in 4 steps

  • Opt for a red azalea and keep your tablecloth neutral.
  • It’s fun to show all of the Ghent azalea. So, if you have enough space, put the whole plant on your table.
  • To add a special touch, take a few little branches from the plant and place them on your plate or your napkin.
  • Add red candles to make it even more romantic.

If you don’t have much space on your table, Sophie has another tip. “Put small vases on the table with one or two branches of the Ghent azalea. That way you don’t have to put the whole plant on it.”

Enjoy for longer

Did you know that this indoor plant is grown in an environmentally-friendly way in East Flanders? And that it is perfectly at home at a temperature of around 19 to 20 degrees. The Ghent azalea is the ideal plant when the heating is turned down a little this winter. After your romantic dinner, put the plant in a cool spot with some (indirect) sunlight and at a constant room temperature. Water the azalea a little twice a week. That way love will still be in the air when spring arrives! 

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