Brighten up your Valentine Day’s table with a Ghent azalea

Life is gradually returning to normal, when you can go out for a delicious dinner with your partner. But there’s nothing to stop you from going all out at home on this romantic day. With a Ghent azalea and these tips to give your kitchen table an impressive makeover, you’re guaranteed to surprise your Other Half.

Red, the colour of love

Impossible to think of Valentine’s Day without the colour red. Red is bright, very much in your face and therefore it really grabs your attention. But contrary to what many people think, red doesn’t need to be cliché or kitsch. Red combined with other members of the red family will give your table that charming look but with a playful touch. Combine different shades of red to tone the table down a bit. Opt for a statement pieceon the edge of your table in the form of an indoor azalea with pink flowers (there is more than enough choice!) and then add smaller red azaleas or a number of branches in vases for the rest of your table.

Let nature inspire you

The easiest way to set the table in a beautifully balanced way, is to use soft and warm natural colours. The flowers and leaves of an indoor azalea combine perfectly with earthy colours and textures. By using linen, reeds, wood, ceramic or marble, you can combine various materials and you will automatically have colours that complement each other. And what’s more you will beautifully accentuate the colours of the azalea.

Mix and match

Working with different layers will make your set table look even more elegant. Start with a neutral tablecloth, add a runner or beautiful placemat (or use both) and plate in a contrasting colour. Then further decorate your table by adding candles, little pots and dishes. You’ll feel like you’re dining out in a restaurant. The colours don’t always have to be exactly the same but do stick to the same family of colours for a harmonised look.

Create a dynamic look

Create a dynamic look on your festive table by playing with height. It adds a playful touch to your table and makes it more interesting to look at. Using a larger indoor azalea as a showstopper creates height; the smaller flowers or vases introduce colour contrast and an extra flower on the plate brings everything together. You could stick it under a napkin ring or tie it to your cutlery with a festive piece of string or decorate your wine glass with it.

Want to keep enjoying your azaleas after Valentine’s Day? Here are our tips for giving them the best care.