Pimp your desk with a Ghent azalea

Now that we’re pretty much all working from home, your home office deserves some attention. It’s the space where you spend numerous hours, that has to be both inspiring, motivating and calming. Does your desk need a make-over? The indoor azalea offers a solution. Use our tips to give your office a little more colour and green.

The ideal candidate

The Gent azalea is ideal for your office, since not only its appearance, but also the care it requires is a good fit for your workspace. For example, the azalea likes a temperature of around 20 degrees (an ideal temperature at which to work) and it likes a little (indirect) sunlight. Ideally, your workspace will have a fair amount of daylight without too much direct sunlight on your computer screen. You can find all the information about caring for a Ghent azalea here.

An azalea to suit every style

An indoor azalea will cheer up any desk, regardless of the style of your home. Do you like a minimalist, calm look? Then you should go for an azalea with white flowers in a pot made of a natural material in white or a pastel colour. Choose a plant pot with an organic texture instead of a smooth finish. That will not only bring calm to the workspace but also add a natural element thanks to the combination of white flowers and green leaves.

Do you prefer a pop of colour? Then go for an azalea with pink or red flowers that will be a showstopper. Reinforce the colour of the indoor azalea by opting for a blue or green pot or let the colour stand out even more by going for a neutral pot. If you have the space, you can mix and match azaleas to brighten up a room even more. Stick to the same colour tones (for example, combine white with pastel pink and red) to make sure your office isn’t too distracting. 

Create extra space

If you don’t have enough space to put the Ghent azalea directly on your desk, there are numerous ways to incorporate it into your home office. You could, for example, put your azalea on a side table or use one of the shelves of your open bookcase to showcase it. You can also opt to display your azalea as a hanging plant. That will visually create more vertical space and your head will make the necessary neck movements each time you admire your indoor azalea.

Mix and match

Perhaps you already have an indoor plant in your office. Then you’re in luck. Thanks to its beautiful colours, dark green leaves and varying sizes (choose a mini azalea, normal version or an azalea on a stem), it combines well with almost every indoor plant. So you can combine to your heart’s content. Follow the current urban jungle trend and transform your office into a fabulous green temple that is super motivating to work in. Keep your pots as neutral as possible, opting for white, pastels or earthy colours, but combine terracotta, ceramic and wood, rattan or bamboo to strengthen that outdoor feeling.