Paasbrunch met Gentse azalea

Brighten up your Easter table with a Ghent Azalea

This year, perhaps your table at Easter will not be as full as in other years, but that should in no way discourage you from completely decorating it with an Easter theme. Whether you let loose with the Easter decorations or prefer to keep things toned down, one thing’s for certain: a Ghent azalea will immediately brighten up any Easter table.

Paasbrunch met Gentse azalea

Be smart when choosing colours

Opt for a colour scheme that consists of colours that are largely from the same family of colours or for pastel shades of different colours. This will avoid your table looking like a loud pallet of contrasting colours. You can balance things out by choosing a neutral table cloth and dinner service (white, beige or earth tones). You can then supplement these basic colours with colourful napkins or placemats, like these pastel green placemats made of a natural material.

Combining your basic dinner service with a few unique items creates a completely new look without having to spend a lot of money. You can add more colour to your table with decorations such as a Ghent azalea. Opt for white, pastel or bright pink to highlight the Easter atmosphere.

Original flower pots and vases

If you go for smaller indoor azaleas on your Easter table, you might be looking for matching flower pots. Save some of your budget by buying some craft paper from a hobby shop. Use neutral paper in combination with some lovely, decorative ribbon that matches the colour scheme of the rest of your table to wrap your Ghent azalea. Not only are the plants even nicer to look at, but they are ideal gifts to offer your loved ones afterwards, clearly showing that you’ve not forgotten them, even if you can’t celebrate Easter together.

Add an extra touch of Easter to your table by collecting a few egg shells (the eggs themselves will be delicious for your Easter brunch or breakfast). Clean them and use the halves to display little azalea flowers. Pop them in small glasses and add a little watercress or young shoots as decorative grass. Place the eggs on the plates or in between the dishes on the table.

Edible decoration

Easter decorations typically come in the shape of mini plastic chicks, wooden Easter eggs and fake feathers, but have you ever considered edible decorations? Cut colourful fruit and vegetables into bite-sized chunks and present them on pretty dishes. They’ll not only be part of your delicious Easter menu but will also decorate your table. Take it a step further and include your indoor azalea in your edible decorations by placing the plant in the middle of a large, wooden chopping board and then filling the space around it with all kinds of fruit, vegetables and snacks. Don’t forget your guests with a sweet tooth: add a dish or two of little chocolate Easter eggs. You’ll have a beautifully decorated, Easter table for your bubble in no time and you can enjoy a delicious breakfast, brunch or dinner.