New Hortinno® Magisnow ‘Winter Beauty’® scores double at IPM Essen

The rhododendron simsii Hortinno® Magisnow Winter Beauty® by Hortibreed NV based in Lochristi, Belgium, won two awards at the IPM international horticultural trade fair in Essen: after winning the “IPM Novelty 2020” award in the category “Flowering indoor plant”, it was also elected the most popular novelty by the public.

The rhododendron simsii Hortinno® Magisnow Winter Beauty® by Hortibreed NV

“This year, Hortibreed is celebrating its 20th anniversary.  We couldn’t imagine a nicer birthday present,” General Manager Stefan Laridon declares. For him, the award is priceless appreciation of the ten years of intensive breeding that preceded the new product. 

Product description Hortinno® Magisnow ‘Winter Beauty’®

  • Unique: The Magisnow’s shape resembles that of a miniature Christmas tree.
  • Ideal: This winter indoor plant flowers from mid-December to February.
  • Exotic: The green and white spherical buds that later change into white, spidery flowers resemble Christmas baubles.
  • Flowering period: four weeks.
  • Magisnow: the enchanting magic of flowers resembles a snowy Christmas tree.
  • Plant height in pot: 35 cm
  • Pot size: 13 cm

“After a successful IPM, the demand for the Hortinno® Magisnow Winter Beauty® is breaking every record.  The ‘2020 Collection’ is practically sold out. Whoever wants to be 100% certain of delighting their customers with this novelty during the next end-of-year period, had best place their order before June 2020, so that the new product will be available in sufficient quantities for Christmas 2021”, says Stefan Laridon.

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